The Eternality of Here-Now

The Eternality (of Here-Now) can never become actual while we regard ‘time’ and ‘space’ objectively. It obtains as Awareness when our relation with ‘time’ and ‘space’ becomes non-objective — for then we apperceive that what they are, and all they are, is the dimensional mechanism of our own phenomenal manifestation.

— Wei Wu Wei


no independent entities

The essential understanding seems to be that everything we can know appears to exist in ‘mind’ and can have no other kind of existence whatever.

If that has been apperceived, then we have also to apperceive that this ‘mind’ does not exist independently as such either. Why is that? Because ‘mind’ is just a symbol for what we are.

This so-called ‘mind’ is just what is meant by the word ‘I’ and, when I turn outwards and objectify, ‘mind’ (apparently) divides into a duality of (supposed) subject and its (supposed) objects. But I always remain as I, objectively void or devoid of objective existence.

— Wei Wu Wei

“what we are cannot be extended in space-time”

THAT entire conceptual universe

Is THIS consciousness which I am,

I who am not.

Only THAT which is extended in space and time can have perceptual existence, so that apparent existence depends upon percepts (conceptualized).

What we are is not what is conceived, but its conceiving, and ‘conceiving’ cannot be its own object. It follows that what-we are cannot be extended in space-time, and so cannot be conceived (only indicated).

— Wei Wu Wei