Doing away with the I-notion ?

In the preceding post, the ‘I-notion’ must refer to the identification of what-we-ARE (ZERO) with the supposed self-object (number One).

And so, this mistaken sense that the body-mind is the Absolute Subject of itself and all other objects is what “conceals” the direct-undivided-perceiv-ING that we ARE….but, which cannot be at all objective, and so is no-thing, ZERO.


We ARE free.

Doing away with the I-notion is the same as not desiring the personal attainment of enlightenment.

Not desiring that (the “last desire,” the “last barrier”) is “having it” — is in any case merely being rid of that which concealed what is forever that which alone we are.

Therefore not desiring personal attainment of that is at the same time the elimination of the I-notion which constitutes its concealment.

The IDEA of liberation automatically inhibits the simple realization that we are free.

Note: Free, we are not number One, the first of all our objects, but ZERO — their universal and Absolute Subject.


— Wei Wu Wei

Here, Now, Forever

What we are, what each sentient-being is, as This-Here-Now, is intemporal I.

Being This, being Here, being Now, I am very present, in fact Presence itself, despite my total objective absence as ‘I’ which is my total presence as all phenomenal manifestation soever.

So I am not far to seek. In fact, being This-Here-Now, I am not to be sought at all, for I am present already, and who could there be to seek and who could there be to be found?

No seeker, no sought, no seeking, no finding — just I in statu aeternitatis where every sentient being appears.


— Wei Wu Wei

Final Understanding

The whole Buddhistic system depends on the non-existence of identity, as does the very idea of ‘enlightenment’ — which is reintegration in universality.

I doubt if there is anything else to be understood (apperceived), since every other element of doctrine is dependent on that, so that such Understanding is final.


—-Wei Wu Wei

All Said and Done

EVERYTHING IS I …. and I am no thing.

All phenomena are Subjective manifestations (objectivization of Subjectivity).

What I am objectively is the totality of phenomenal manifestation.

What I am Subjectively is all that all phenomena ARE.

Nothing personal about it anywhere or at any stage.

The personal notion is not inherent and is the WHOLE TROUBLE.


— Wei Wu Wei