What has been termed “Awakeness”, is always the same, direct register-ING of whatever is “present.” As Sokei-anĀ  said, “It’s a very primative, basic power”, and yet, it has been called “the Source and Sub–stance of everything.”


the imaginary dungeon

The ILLUSION OF SEPARATENESS is due to the apparent presence of objects, whose cognizer is their SUPPOSITIONAL SUBJECT.

Separateness is itself the essential condition on which the notion of bondage (and suffering) depends — and its dissolution entrains the abolition of the idea of being bound.

But the suppositional subject is itself an object, whose cognizer is the nature itself of Cognition — so that cognizer and all that is cognized are an INSEPARABLE TOTALITY in Whole–mind.

Recognition of Wholeness leaves no center TO WHICH a notion of separateness could be attached; so that Universal Identity alone can subsist.

Such recognition is perfect liberation from solitary confinement in the prison of “self.”

— Wei Wu Wei

“Forever” or “everlasting” in Time is “Now” in Intemporality

“Now” is at the heart of things, i.e. the center of eternity and infinity. We look at the universe from outside, Now sees it from within. That is what is meant by “seeing things the other way round.”

As “Now” we are no longer helpless little lookers-on, we are at the helm. We no longer see the universe as “the way it is, for good or ill,” but as it must be — for we know that WE ARE MANIFESTING IT, and that it is an objectivization of what we are.

— Wei Wu Wei