a conceptualized percept

Physics now says what the mystics have long said: the manifest world is conceptual, not independent (an independent entity). It’s determined by what’s measuring.

— Wayne Liquorman


It’s ALL in “your” mind.

“Your” mind is only apparently “yours”.

It is not “yours” but what you are, all that you are.

Its “looking” is all “looking”, see-ing-as-such, manifesting relatively as subject perceiving object.

— Wei Wu Wei

“what” could I be, if not an object?

Colloquially might we not say that it is misleading to THINK that “all things are nothing,” but revelatory to PERCEIVE that “every thing is no-thing, i.e. not a THING”?


Because this non-conceptual non-objectivity which they, all things, ARE — is THIS not that (concept).

In short: the sensorially perceived universe is NOT AT ALL OBJECTIVE. And THIS is not the see-er of that, but the look-ING at it.

— Wei Wu Wei

Absolute “Isness” is what-we-ARE

“Isness” is not objective, but rather, All-inclusive. So, whatever “one” may be doing or attending to, that is merely an aspect of “Isness”, as such.

Therefore, there is no “special object”, mental or physical, that “one” must focus on, in order to “BE”.

“Isness” is Absolute, not something relative to a phenomenal “point” of perception.

“Enlightenment is simply What IS”

(Before meeting Sailor Bob) I had always thought that enlightenment was some kind of experience to be enjoyed, when in fact it is simply the natural state (Presence) that is CONSTANT — and therefore can only be acknowledged, not experienced, attained or grasped (as something).

— James Braha

Undivided Apperceiving

Sailor Bob gave this down to earth pointer indicating the difference between Whole-mind and split: “If you look around the room and try to label what you see, you can only label or distinguish a small number of things. But in fact, you are seeing EVERYTHING in the room. You’re seeing much more than you can label with the mind. You may label four or five items, yet you’re seeing everything. That’s the difference between pure functioning awareness and the thinking mind. The seeing, the ACTUAL functioning is prior to the labeling. It’s always happening in its entirety, in the present moment.”


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What we are cannot be anything that could be objectively visualized by the split-mind of dialectical reasoning.

(What then are we?)

We are what divided mind cannot know because it is divided into subject and object. So divided it can (perceive and) reason, but it cannot apperceive its indivision, its own wholeness, which is all that it is and all that we can be.

— Wei Wu Wei

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